Palmer, Jesse

ALOB, Vol. X #3, p. 89-27:
“p. 145.  28 March 1839.  I, Jesse Palmer, being in perfect health mind and memory.  I give to my beloved son John Palmer $1.  I give to my beloved son Jacob Palmer $1.  I give to my beloved son David Palmer a tract of land, joining the lands of Alexander Robeson & Martin Sheenner. (amount not given).  I give to my beloved wife all my household & kitchen furniture & a child’s part of my land.  The rest of property to be sold and equally divided among my dtrs. Catherine Falls & Mary Robeson, Ann Rebeson, Elizabeth Robeson, Margaret Wells and I do appoint my son Alexander Robeson as executor.
Wit; Ebed Jones & Caroline Robeson..
Signed Jesse X Palmer..
Proved by the oath of John H. Robeson in open court his Dec. term 1850..  R.B. Vance, clk..”

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