Owens, John M.

ALOB, Vol. X #8, p. 89-75:
“p. 170.  16 Oct. 1855..  I, John M. Owens, being in extreme pain & approaching an early departure from this life, I do make this my last will & testament.  I give & devise to my dear wife Elizabeth Ann all of my property and estate both real & personal & mixed after the payment of my just debts and I appoint John W. Woodfin as my sole executor with full power to sell & convey as he may think best, at public or private sale.  The proceeds to first pay my debts that I hold jointly with my partner Mr. Spears and to settle with him and close my business according to his judgment.  Any property that is left, I desire to be given to my wife & to be at her disposal.
Wit:  B.M. Edney & W.H. Murdock..
Signed John M. Owens..
Proved by the oath of W.H. Murdock in open court Jan. term 1856.  See minutes 1856.
R.B. Vance..”

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