Owenby, James

JAMES OWENBY –   Born Jan 6, 1761 in Amherst Co., VA  Enlisted 1778 as a substitute for Henry Kelly under George Taylor, Col. Hugh Brevard, Gen. Rutherford and marched through SC and GA.  In 1780 he enlisted in Washington County, NC (now Washington Co., TN) as a substitute for Micajah Mayfield under Col. John Sevier and was in the battle of Kings Mt. In 1781 he enlisted Rutherford Co., NC under Captain John McClain for the purpose of ranging after the line between the Whites and Cherokee Indians.  In 1782 he enlisted in Rutherford Co., NC as a substitute for Thomas Haslip under Captain McClain and Charles Lewis.
    On March 4, 1785 he married in Rutherford Co., NC by Jonathon Hanpton, Justice of the Peace to Miss Joannah Sims who was born on March 24, 1761.
    They moved to Buncombe Co., NC in 1824 and in 1832 he was living there, age 73 years, but in 1836 they were living in Rutherford Co., NC.  He died September 25, 1850 and his wife died on April 1, 1852.

    James Owenby was born Jan. 6, 1761, Joanna born March 24, 1761, married March 1785, Children: Anester, daughter, born November 14, 1785, William born Oct. 16, 1787, John born Apr. 4, 1791, Susana born Dec. 12, 1793, Sims born March 19, 1796, Ambrose born Dec. 28, 1798, Madison born Oct. 25, 1801
    In 1850 their surviving children were:  William, John, Ambrose, Madison, Sims, Anna Coons, and Susanah Coon (Koon?). Porter Owenby, a brother of James Owenby was living in Buncombe County in 1833.
    Elizabeth Lewis who was living in Rutherford County, NC in 1851 stated that  she had known James Owenby and wife for seventy years.

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