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We are excited about our new genealogy books focused on Western North Carolina – now available in our bookstore! All proceeds of these book sales go to the support of our library and website so your purchases will benefit the Society for years to come.

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Here is the list of the latest books for sale (since Jan 2018):

“Journey to Asheville – Mattie’s Story – A True Family Love Story” by Sandy Samz (2019). The author shares a family love story that follows the Bass and Olliff families of Eastern NC to Southwest Georgia and finally to Asheville, NC. Mattie Bass, the author’s Grandmother, married William Elijah Harrison in 1906 in Calhoun County, GA and had three children before contracting tuberculosis. Her husband brought her to Asheville in hopes of a cure. Local Bass and Fain families will find this book of interest. Mattie’s great-great-grandfather, John Shears Olliff, served in the Revolutionary War in Eastern NC. The book is in two sections, the story and the family record, with well documented sources. A great read, with extensive genealogical information on these families, this book will be important for any book shelf. Spiral bound, 77 pages, color photos, & indexed. $20 (Item # B-08)

“A History of The Reuben Dellinger Family of The Counties of Avery, Caldwell, Lincoln, & Mitchell, North Carolina” researched by Douglas Sigmon and compiled by Larry O. Nichols, Sr. (2019). Included in this genealogy book is information on “The Tragedy at the Grist Mill” involving a member of the Dellinger Family. This book includes significant entries for the following families: Barringer, Burleson, Coffee, Deal, Gragg, Greene, Loudermilt, Pittman, Rathbone, Setzer, Watson, Wike, Wise, & Young. Spiral bound, 255 pages, pictures, maps, & newspaper articles, indexed. $30 (Item # D-28)

“Western NC Bastardy Bonds: Henderson, Polk, & Transylvania County 1840-1899” edited by Sandra Samz and compiled by volunteers of OBCGS (2019). The following is an excerpt from the foreword:
The concept of Bastardy Bonds was brought to the American Colonies from England along with many other English Laws. North Carolina continued to use Bastardy Bonds into the early 20th Century in an effort to prevent children from becoming dependent on the county or state. Some of the eastern counties of North Carolina have extant Bastardy Bonds dating back to the 1730’s and 1740’s. What harder “brick wall” does a genealogist have to break through than identifying an ancestor who was born out of wedlock. In today’s climate of family relationships much of the stigma of illegitimacy has lessened. Although a number of sources have provided references to Bastardy Bonds, there is a wealth of information contained in the “loose” papers at the NC State Archives. This series is an attempt to provide clues to the information contained in these papers. 260 pages $40 (Item # C-06)

“Stompin ‘Round These Here Parts” by Dr. Kenneth D. Israel, Chester A. Hill and Jewel B. Israel, edited by Edith Garrett (2019). Three local authors, Kenneth Davidson Israel, his wife, Jewel Baldock Israel and educator Chester Alexander Hill consented to allow the reprinting of newspaper articles they wrote some years ago. From August, 1989 to January, 1995, some 143 of their works appeared in local newspapers. The articles are now compiled in book form. Ranging from local Revolutionary War heroes to molasses-making in South Hominy, the men’s articles deal with local people and their history while Jewel’s articles focus on every-day living in a semi-rural environment. Enjoy reading about the history, culture and natural environment of WNC from some of our most expert writers and historians. 320 pages, pictures, maps, indexed. $40 (Item #D-06)

“Abstracts of Apprentice Bonds of Western North Carolina Select Counties – Henderson, Polk, Transylvania, Mitchell, Haywood, Macon, Swain, & Clay” abstracted by Linda B Brown, edited and compiled by Ann Marie Broadbent (2019). Apprentice bonds were used by the county courts to ensure that orphaned or poor children had a means of support. Additionally, they were made to ensure that a young person could learn a trade. The bonds generally include the name and age of the child to be bound, the name of the apprentice master, and sometimes other important information such as the name of the child’s parents or other relatives. 316 pgs, sb, index. Price: $29.99, NC State Tax: $2.10, P&H: $4.00
(Item # C-1).

“Barringer – A History of Matthias Barringer, Jr. Family of Catawba, Lincoln & Mecklenburg Counties, North Carolina and Their Descendants” researched by Douglas P. Sigmon, compiled and edited by Larry D Nichols, Sr. (2019). Matthias Barringer, Jr was born Sept. 22, 1767 in Rowan Co, NC. Allied families include Carpenter and Hunsucker. 484 pgs, sb, index. $39.99, NC Tax: $2.80, P&H $5.00 (Item #D-27).

“The Glenn Family Connections in Western North Carolina” written by Marsha Glenn Stafford, edited and compiled by Christine McNab (2019). This well-documented book was published posthumously when the author’s research collection was donated to OBCGS by her son after her death. The book is a genealogy of the Glenn family who were early settlers in Western North Carolina. They lived in Mitchell Co., NC and are traced back to John Glenn who was born in Ireland in the early 1600s. The book also traces allied surnames including the Allison, Armstrong, Dillow, Hicks, Melton and Sampson families from Western North Carolina. In addition to the genealogies of these families, she included photographs, stories, endnotes and a complete index. Illustrated, sb, 333 pgs., $29.99, Tax $2.10, P&H $5.00 (Item # A-7).

“In Search of Bill Fowler or will the real Bill Fowler stand up” compiled by Ruth Dilling, Sandy Jordan and Mary Ann (2015). This book was the result of a collaborative effort to identify the William Fowler who married Louisa Orr. It includes family group sheets, photographs, census, obituary, and bible records etc. It also includes a full name index. Illustrated, sb, 235 pgs. $24.99, Tax $1.75, P&H $4.00 (Item # D-25).

“Volume II: Nathan Jenkins Family” by Merrell Jenkins Riddle (2018). This volume adds to the series of seven volumes on the author’s Jenkins family. Vol. II covers the descendants of Nathan Jenkins b. 1799 and his wife Nancy Mary Abbott. The book contains an extensive descendant list, a documents section, source list, and acknowledgement section. Full name index, Illustrated, sb. 284 pgs. Price $30.00 Tax $2.10, P&H $5.00, (Item # F-13).

“Volume III: Jonas Jenkins, Jr. Family” by Merrell Jenkins Riddle (2018). This volume adds to the series of seven volumes on the author’s Jenkins family. Vol. III covers the descendants of Jonas Jenkins, Jr b. 1805 and his wife Mary Nations. The book contains an extensive descendant list, a documents section, source list and acknowledgement section. Full name index, illustrated, sb, 383 pgs. Price: $40.00, Tax $2.80, P&H $5.00, (Item # F-14).

“Children of Israel Revisited” by Kenneth Davidson Israel, Ph.D. (1981, 2018). This is a recently updated version of Dr. Israel’s earlier 1981 publication on the Israel family of Western North Carolina.  It contains many additions and corrections, as well as family pictures.  Index, illustrated, sb, 630 pgs. Price: $45.00, NC Tax: $3.15, P&H: $5.00, (Item # E-28).

 “The Family of Mattus Peter Gottlieb Barringer (aka John Peter Barringer) of Cabarrus, Rowan & Stanly Counties, North Carolina” researched by Douglas P. Sigmon and compiled and edited by Larry O. Nichols, Sr. (2018).  This book presents a comprehensive and well researched study of John Peter Barringer and his descendants. Index, sb, 311 pgs. Price: $30.00, NC Tax: $2.10, P&H: $4.00, (Item # A-19).

 “All Roads Lead to Haywood County, North Carolina, Vol. II, The Silver and Related Families” by Audrey Hawkins Gowing (2005). The author died before publishing this genealogy on her mother’s family, and her daughter, Sharon, brought the book to OBCGS to edit and publish. It chronicles the family of George Silver (b. 1753, d. 1839 in Mitchell Co., NC and md. Nancy Griffith) and his descendants, as well as collateral families: Taylor, Hawkins, Carroll, DuVall, Ferguson, Greenbury, Griffith, Lovingood, MacCubbin, Murray, Owen, and Radcliff. Includes transcribed family documents such as wills and bounty warrants. Extensive bibliography. Index, illustrated, sb, 277 pages. Price: $29.99, NC Tax: $2.10, P&H: $4.00, (Item # A-20).

 “Skyland and its Founder” by Sandra Harrison Samz (2018). Skyland was established in 1887 by Otis A. Miller.  The book traces the evolution of this area of southern Buncombe County before and after that date and explores the influence of the families who lived there during its development. It also addresses the question of why and how a man from MN had such an impact on this area. Contains some land plats. Illustrated, index, sb, abt. 110 pgs. Price: $24.99, Tax: $1.75, P&H: $4.00

“Haywood County, NC Court Records, Vol. I (1809-1815)” abstracted by Ann Marie Broadbent (2018). This book provides abstracted court records from microfilm of the original pages from the Court of Pleas & Quarter Session Minutes included in the first two books of Haywood County court records. They contain jury lists, road crews, deed registrations, estate filings, etc.  Index, sb, abt. 153 pgs. Price: $24.99, Tax: $1.75, P&H: $4.00  

“Haywood Co, NC – William Sitton’s Store Ledger: Haywood County, North Carolina 1829-1844” transcribed by Ann Marie Broadbent (2018). William Sitton operated a general store in Haywood Co, NC in the 1830s. This is a transcription of the transactions made in the store including the names of the purchasers, the items sold and prices. Contains a glossary of unfamiliar terms and a short biography of William Sitton. 242 pg., sb, index. Price: $24.99 NC Tax: $1.75, P&H: $5.00

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