Nelson, William

from ALOB, Vol. VII, #1, p. 86-5:
“p.9..  Court held on the first Monday in July 1832..  (This name is spelled NELSON & NEILSON)  I, William Nelson, give unto my son Charles B. Nelson and his wife Celia for the support of themselves and their joint children, all the lot of land #1, whereon Charles B. Nelson now lives, being one fourth part of my tract of land lying in Hardin County Tenn. being surveyed &
divided into four lotts[sic] on the 12 Sept. 1823 by Austin Miller, each lot contains 1330 acres more or less.
I give unto my son Archibald Neilson & his heirs one tract of land on Nolechucky River in Hardin County, Tenn. whereon he now lives containing 640 acres.
I give unto my dtr. Sarah Neilson and my grandson Green K. Cessna and their heirs lot #3 containing 1330 acres to be equally divided between them, and bound by lands of Charles Readly, Joseph Strong & George Gillaspie, lying in Hardin County Tenn..  I also give to my dtr. Sarah Neilson a tract of land whereon I now live, lying on the French Broad River, joining lands of Daniel McKrons, Wm. Harrison, Mr. Rinkboung containing 20 acres.  Also to my dtr. Sarah my shares of stock in the Buncombe Turnpike Co. worth $500, all negroes, I may own at my death, also half of the household furniture, half of my stock & moveable property.
I give unto my dtr. Jane & her husband James R. Garrett during their natural life for supporting and educating their children, there after to be divided amongst the children.  The tract of land I now live on (except what I gave my dtr. Sarah) and all my lands in Buncombe County, N.C.  I also give unto Jane & her husband all the remainder of my property not divided and from the money on hand & that due to me, pay off my funeral expenses and just debts.  I appoint & ordain William Dickson, Doctor Alexander Williams and Archibald Neilson my son of Green Co. & George Gillespie of Rea Co. Tenn. or any of them as executors..  This 27 Sept. 1801?..
Wit:  Alexander Williams, Thomas J. Gillespie..
Signed, William Neilson..  Proved in open Court & Recorded.. Archibald Neilson was duly sworn and gave bond…”

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