Neilson-Garrett Cemetery


Hot Springs area– from 25-70 turn right just before crossing the French Broad River on #1304. Turn right toward Murray Branch Recreation area. Go about 1/2 mile to the Freewill Baptist Church on the right. There is a grassy road between the next two houses on the right The remaining stones are to the left just above the first barn. Hot Springs of North Carolina by Della Hazel Moore, 1992, page. 125. “There are other graves that were marked with a stone. Some of the people were slaves, farm workers, and strangers who were passing through. One was an Englishman. This historical cemetery has been desecrated. only three tombstones are left. Part of the cemetery has been turned into a barnyard, and land is being tilled over the Garrett family plot of 100 feet by 80 feet, as well as other people who are buried there. At one time this cemetery was a peaceful place with boxwoods and fenced in for privacy.  Other graves have been found near the James Garrett stage stand. One tombstone is all that is legible.  Hourworth, Benjamin  died 8/1/1825 age 22 yrs, 8 mo. 6 days”
Allen Harriett I. 
Garrett Albert Sidney  ND ND son of Thomas & Mary UNMARKED 
Garrett Charles Thomas ND ND (Mary) UNMARKED 
Garrett Charles Thomas, Jr.  ND ND son of Thomas & Mary UNMARKED
Garrett Elizabeth  ND ND sister of Thomas UNMARKED
Garrett Harriett ND ND  sister of Thomas UNMARKED 
Garrett James Henry  ND ND son of Thomas & Mary UNMARKED
Garrett James R ND ND father of Charles UNMARKED 
Garrett Jane H. Neilson ND ND mother of Charles UNMARKED 
Garrett Mary Link  ND ND (Thomas) UNMARKED
Garrett Sally Frazier  ND ND  (Thomas, 2nd wife) UNMARKED
Neilson Jane  1753 8/27/1816  Leesburg, Loundon Co., Va.
Neilson William, Sr.  1/5/1748 1/30/1832 Ayrshire, Scotland 
Nock Edward  1800 6/5/1839 Staffordshire, England
Workegly John  3/21/1808 10/17/1831
 Surveyed and researched by: Della Hazel Moore P.O.Box 245, Hot Springs, NC  28743

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