Moore Family Bible Records

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
The Original Greek
New York; American Bible Society – 1849
Clinton Moore& Sally Shipman Was married January 27th 1833.
Clinton Moore Was Bornd July 28th 1810.
Sally Shipman cald moore by marage Was Bornd August 23rd 1813 Died July 23 1897.
George Houghston Moore was Bornd Nov 14, 1833.
Elizabeth Jane Moore was Bornd Nov 14, 1833.
Elizabeth Jane Moore was bornd febuary 3rd 1835th.
Maryann Moore was Bornd febuary 13th 1836.
William Rufus Moore was Bornd september 8th 1838.
Julie parmelee Moore was bornd June 12th 1840.
Jonaslester (?) Moore was bornd June the 19th 1842.
Hezekiah Perry Moore was bornd may 9, 1844.
Lovinia Carline Moor was bornd may 28th 1847.
Malinda Lueza Moore was bornd august 20th 1849.
Filo Gedings Moore was bornd July the 25th 1851.
John Manning Moore was borned september 15, 1853.
Rebecca Mahalah Moore was bornd oct the 20th 1858.
Hanner Shipman was born Febuary 25, 1790.
H.P. Moore died Sept 12 1915.[note:  all spellings etc. as written in Bible record]

In this same group of pages copied directly from this Bible was copies of later hand written list of same as above (omitted was the Jonaslester? only) and this was on letterhead paper of W.S. Ashworth – Dealer in General Merchandise and Milling Country Produce, Grange, N.C…..who married into the Moore family.

Also was another Sheet from Bible FAMILY RECORD on family of Azra Orr who married secondly – Lovinia Caroline Moore of the above family.  This material was given by one of her descendants….but we do not know who the Bible belonged to.

>From the Azra Orr information the following was hand written – (Azra m/1 Merrill)
Azra Orr was born Mar 12, 1827 and died Mar 29, 1889.
Mary Ann Orr born Feb 24, 1837 and died Nov 27, 1876.
Charlie Orr born Jan 22, 1856 and died June 5, 1874.
Julius Orr born Jan 30, 1859 and died July 13, 1874.
Celah L. Orr born July 12, 1860 and died Feb 27, 1939.
Ann Orr born Mar 30, 1863.
Lizzie Orr born June 20, 1864.
Ida Orr born Feb 29, 1866 and died July 3, 1867.
Perry C. Orr born Oct 26, 1868.
John Orr born Sept 25, 1869 and died June 20, 1889
C.C. Orr born June 23, 1872 and died 1963
Mary Orr born July 4, 1874.

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