Merrill Cemetery

Off N.C. Highway 213 on County Road 1342 about 1.2 miles from Highway 213 located on the right hand side of roadway on hillside. The cemetery site is enclosed in a heavy wire fence with an iron gate. There are at least six graves marked with field stones and several ground depressions which are probably unmarked graves. Cemetery has three marked graves as follows:

H.F. Merrill born August 25, 1846 died July 16, 1902. Tombstone inscription” GOD Gave, HE Took, HE Will Restore.”

Jane Merrill born February 25, 1847 died September 25, 1913. Tombstone inscription ” Another Gem in the Savior’s crown, another soul in Heaven. “

Dudley D. Merrill born December 14, 1869 died November 4, 1955.

Note: Hardy Franklin Merrill and Jane Ramsey Merrill were husband and wife. Dudley D. Merrill was their son. He never married.

ALOB Vol. XII May 1991

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