Merrell, Jesse

from ALOB, Vol. VII #2, p. 86-15:
“p. 31.  27 August 1833.  I, Jesse Merrell, being weak in body, but of sound mind & memory.  I will unto my beloved wife all my household furniture, beds, & bedding, dresser ware & hand ware, also farming tools, all stock of hogs, four head of cows and three calves, also six head of sheep and one colt.  I desire that the balance of my stock, one rifle gun, five steel traps to be sold and enough money taken to purchase a second rate young mare for the family.  I desire that my wife, Susannah, live on the plantation during her widowhood, should she marry another, then the land to be rented out and the money to be equally divided amongst my four little chn. viz. Lytle, Pearson, ariah, & Jesse Merrell.  I also desire that my just debts be paid, and my children a liberal education. 
I appoint Wm. Merrell, Senr. my executor..
Wit; Jos. Evans & Boyd McCrary.. 
Signed, Jesse Merrell.. 
Executor qualified this 7 Jan. 1834..  Proved in July Session 1834 and recorded…”

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