McKinney, John

ALOB, Vol. X #4, p. 89-37:
“p. 151.  18 Dec. 1851.  I, John McKinney, being of sound mind & memory. First I will & decree that all my mountain land on the North Fork of big Ivey from H McKinney up including the two tracts of land lying in Yancy County, joining the mountain land above mentioned one of which I have G.G. ? bond for __________ & the other J.R. Jones and all the hogs that is left after my beloved wife takes all she may want, all I want sold on a twelve months credit at the highest bidder & all my just debts to be paid & if not to sell the land I bought from Jan. A. Buckner..  I desire that my beloved wife & children the remainder of my property.
I appoint my friend, my wife Aroline McKinney & Joseph McKinney with A.G. Greewood & M. Greenwood as executors..
Wit:  J.W. Dillingham, juriett & David X Arrowwood..
Signed John McKinney..
Proved in open court by the oath of J.W. Dillingham in the Spring term, 1852 in open court & ordered to be recorded.  R.B. Vance..”

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