McFee, John

ALOB, Vol. X #3, p. 89-27:
“p. 144.  30 Oct. 1850.  I, John McFee, being of sound mind & memory.  I will that my funeral expenses be paid from my estate.  I will & desire that my dtr. Mary McFee 50 acres of land from my dwelling place, this to be laid out by a line in the middle of the 100 acres in my tract, she to have the lower end of my farm also the tract that includes the dwelling house.  Also one horse, all my household & kitchen furniture, my farming tools except my two horse waggon[sic].  I give to my son William McFee 30 acres of land to include his dwelling house from my upper hundred acre tract.  I will & desire to my sons Jason & Henry and Madison McFee all the remaining portions of my lands that I may die possessed of.  I will to my dtr. Elizabeth Tanner, decd. four children one dollar each.  I will to my dtr. Mary all the Geese, ducks, chickens & grain at my decease.  All the remainder of my property to be sold to pay my just debts and legacy to the chn. of Elizabeth Tanner decd. & if any is left it to be equally divided among the following to wit:  Charles, Ambrose, James McFee, Margaret Wise, wife of John Wise, & Obediance Raburn wife of William Raburn.  I do now confirmed to my children the property that I have given to them at their marriage.
I appoint Jason McFee & Madison McFee as my executors.
Wit:  Samuel B. Gudger, Thomas Neal, jurret..
Signed John X McFee..
Proved by the oath of Thos. Neal in open court his dec. term 1850..  R.B. Vance.”

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