Mcdowel, Athan A.

from ALOB, Vol. VII, #1, p. 86-7:
“p. 15.  20 July 1832..  I, Athan A. Mcdowel[sic], being sick & weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind & memory.  I give unto my beloved children namely, Charles, Mary and Louisa my home plantation on which I now reside, lying on the French Broad River including the mouth of Cane Creek, with the adjoining lands.  To be equally divided among them, except son Charles shall have the dwelling house and other buildings.
It is also my desire that a division of the above said land shall be made on my said son Charles attaining lawful age and in the event of demise of one or other of the said children the survivors shall inherit.
Likewise I will & desire that all the residue of my estate be sold for the best interest of my children, the proceeds I give unto the chn. share & share alike.  My executors as they may deem suitable for the chn.
I desire that all my claims & interest in lands lying in the Western District of Tennessee which I hold with in common with my brothers & sisters, with the whole of my slave estate be sold and the money divided equally divided among the chn..  I appoint my friend Charles McDowel, William Dickson & William Deavenport as executors.  With:  J. Erwin, Wm. C. Tate & E.M. Greenlee..
Signed, A.A. McDowel..  Proved in open Court on eath of James Erwin & recorded..  William Dickson & Charles McDowel two of the executors named was duly sworn….”

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