McDonnell, William

ALOB, Vol. VIII #7, pp. 87-98 & 87-99:
“p. 68.  22 Jan. 1838..  William McDonnell, being of sound and perfect mind & memory.  I give unto my beloved wife Rhoda McDonnell the plantation whereon I now live with all appertaiences[sic] during her natural life or widowhood, also negroes, Levi, Hardy, Caroline & Peggy during her natural life or widowhood to be keep on the plantation for the support of my beloved wife.  I give to my nephew William Hemphill after the death of my wife the aforesaid land with all appertainences on him paying $300 to Cleargaret Grimes the relick[sic] of James Grimes, decd. or to my nephew Archable Grimes or my niece Sary Merrit the wife of William Merrit to be equally divided between Archable & Sary.  After the death or marriage of my wife, I give unto my nephews Andrew McDonnell and Thomas McDonnell the four aforesaid negroes to share & share alike on their paying $150 each to my brother-in-law George Patton, also I give unto nephew James H. Morriss 4 negroes, Sue, Jesse, Anna & James:  Michall, on him paying $300 to James Dunsmore my brother-in-law, also I give unto my brother-in-law Andrew Hemphill four negroes Lucy, Cleary, Westly and Andrew, on him paying to my sister Sarah Galaspy $300 also I give unto my beloved wife Rhoda one wagon, two horses, 10 head of cattle and all household & kitchen furniture, my smith tools, farming tools, 15 head sheep, 20 head of hogs, one rifle gun, during her natural life or widowhood, then the stock, tools, furniture to be sold and the money divided between my brother-in-law James Dunsmore, my sister Sarry Galaspy, my sister Margaret Grimes, Mary McDonnell, Elizabeth McDonnell daughters of my brother James McDonnell, also Margaret & Elizabeth daughters of my brothers Archabel McDonnell so they share & share alike.  All stock, wagons, & guns not willed to my wife to be sold and the executors to pay unto my brother-in-law George Patton $50.  Also to my nephew Col. Thomas Morris $100.  Also to Andrew Dunsmore $100.  The balance to be divided among Thomas, Andrew, James, Samuel, Archable, John & Benjamin Hemphill also James Morris.  I hereby appoint my friend Andrew Hemphill as executor.  Wit; R. Williamson, & S.E. Hyatt..  Signed, Wm. McDonnell…  Codicil..  22 Jan. 1838..  I give & grant unto my wife Rhoda full power to make a will or dispose of the following property, wit.  50 acres of land, 5 head of cattle, one desk, two feather bed and furniture and capboard..
Wit; R. Williamson, Jurat & S.E. Hyatt..  Wm. McDonnell..
Proved in open court on oath of R. Williamson in the Feb. Session 1841..”

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