McBrayer, James

ALOB, Vol. X #4, p. 89-37:
“p. 150.  24 June 1839.  I,James McBrayer, being in sound mind and memory, first I desire that my just debts be paid, then I give to my beloved wife the plantation whereon I now live during her life time or widowhood also Ming & Sall also what she may choose to keep for her own use of my stock, tools, bed & furniture, I will that after my wife Polly has selected what she thinks necessary for her use the balance to be sold & equally divided amongst my chn. viz:  William J. Jane Almira, James M., Milly M., T. Adolphus, Martha & Andrew H.  I will that Betsy’s children, Mary Ann, James R., Milley Thomas & Martha their mother’s share to be equally divided among them.  I will that after my wife death my land be divided as following.  James M. to have 100 acres being two 50 acres tracts.  To my son Adolphus to have the lower end to Merrell branch & South to Andrew Harvey to have the balance of the land. Also after my wife death I desire that my other property & negro Mings be sold & the proceeds divided among my sons.  Also my negro Sall be sold & the proceeds divided among my dtrs.  with one share to Betsy’s heirs.  I appoint Joniah Burgin, James Madison & Adolphus??.  Wit:  James Pinkerton, Jurett & Henry G. Fagan…  CODICIL.  Betsy Pinkerton’s three last children to have an equal share of her part with the rest of her heirs.  This 24 June 1851..
Signed James X McBrayer..
Wit:  James Pinkerton, Jurett & Henry G. Fagan.
Proved by the oath of James Pinkerton, Jurret this Sept. term 1851.  R.B. Vance, clk..”

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