Martin, Jacob

ALOB, Vol. IX #1, p. 88-10:
“p. 104.  11 Jan. 1842.. Jacob Martin, being of sound and perfect mind and memory.  I give unto my beloved wife Catharine my plantation where I now live containing 100 acres during her life. 
I do hereby make and ordain my beloved son Jacob Martin, Junr. executor. 
Wit; John B. Penly and Josiah Frisby..
Signed Jacob X Martin.. 

Jacob Martin of Buncombe do make this codicil to be taken as part of my last will, I have by said will given to my sons Philip Martin $1, Elizabeth Parham $1, John Martin $1, Geo. Martin $1, Thomas Martin $1, Jacob Martin $1, Mary Lowe $1, Jane Bryant $1, William Martin $1, Margaret Turner $1, Sarah Martin $1, My dtr. Nancy Martin, to son Siles Martin, to son Jackson Martin and Rebecch (?) Martin to have and to hold all my estate at their mothers death the sum of $1 each before marriage, now I do hereby revoke and make void the said legacies to my sons, do hereby give unto my two sons and two daughters above named Nancy Martin, Siles Martin, Jackson Martin and Rachel Martin? all my estate at their mother death. 
This 11 Jan. 1842, 
Wit; John B. Penly, Juratt.. 
Signed Jacob X Martin.. 
April Term 1845.  The foregoing will was proven by oath of John B. Penly and admitted of record.  N. Harrison, Clk.”

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