Livingston, John

ALOB, Vol. VIII #7, p. 87-98:
“p. 65.  3 Dec. 1839..  I, John Livingston, being weak in body but of perfect mind & memory.  First to my beloved wife Elizabeth Livingston I bequeth[sic] all my property real & personal as it is now, until my youngest son Lewis shall be of age, with the after exception and then the whole of the property to be divided equally between my wife Elizabeth and my three children namely Sally, Wessley & Lewis, in case of the death of either the survivors to share the whole.  In respect to my son John and Hugh they have received their full share and also my dtr. Polly Gash has received her full share, and my dtr. Susanna Russell has received her share except a saddle & bridle and I desire they be granted to her.  My two sons Joseph & Allen I desire they to be made equal with John & Hugh.  Deducting however $10 per month therefrom for the time they left me before they were of age. 
I appoint my friend Thomas Moriss as executor. 
Wit:  J.S. Livingston & James H. Ballard.. 
Signed John Livingston.. ingston in open court, April term 1840..” [sic]

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