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The following is a search function for the books, family history files, periodicals, electronic records and special collections available for research.  They are non-circulating and may only be used in the library or on the paid section of our website. The “Location” columns are the key terms used to locate items. Some terms have special meanings: E-BOOKS are available on various computers in our library; OBCGS MEMBERS refers to resources available on the Members Only section of our website. To become a member of our Society CLICK HERE. ELEC RESOURCES are available on the Electronic Records section of our website. You do not have to be a member to access this section. To sign up for Electronic Access via credit card or PayPal CLICK HERE.

To search our Card Catalog, type any name or word in the “Search” box to the right of the table to retrieve all results. Each column has an additional filter (just below column label) to refine results, such as a particular author. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the table to see the full record. On tablet and mobile devices, part of the record is collapsed to save screen space. To see the full record (including Library location information), use the + icon in the first field of the record to expand that record. For more comprehensive guidelines, please see the Table Use Guidelines page (opens in a new browser tab).

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