Lackey, John

from ALOB, vol. VIII #4, p. 87-54:
“p. 37.  27 jan. 1834..  I, John Lackey, being weak in body but of sound mind & memory.  I allow all my just debts to be paid out of my estate.  then I allow the plantation whereon I now live and all household furniture and stock of cattle, horses, hogs for the use & benfit [sic] of my wife Lucy during her life, or as long as she remains a widow.  should she marry again, I allow the property to be sold and my wife to have one third of the perishable property.  I allow my land to be sold and divided as follows;  if John Alloway stays and work with his granny, I allow him to have three months schooling and $50 when the estate is sold.  the balance of my property to be divided amongst my son Hiram Lackey & Elizabeth Halford.  the place where Jesse Watkins now lives, after his lease is up, I allow the land rented out and the use to go to my son Hiram, Ann Lackey and Elizabeth Halford until sold. 
I appoint Hiram Lackey & John Young as executors.. 
wit:  John Harris & Mainyard Harriss.. 
signed John Lackey. 
Hiram Lackey sworn as executor in open court apr. 22, 1835..  proved on oath of Mainyard Harriss…”

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