Kohler, Benjamin F.

BOOK D: Page 484
In the name of GOD, Amen.
I, Benjamin F. Kohler of Asheville, NC being of sound and disposing mid and memory and being desirous to my worldly affairs while I have strength and capacity to do make and publish this my last will and testament….to be interred by daughter at Savannah, Ga. … my brother-in-law, Oscar S. Kulman … my brother, Oscar S. Kohler … to Amson Mohr and Herman Meyers … to my dear father … to my dear mother, Malvina Kohler … to my beloved sister, Mrs. Oscar S. Kulman … my beloved nieces, her daughters, Jeanne and Ruth Kulman … on the life of M. Silver … to my dear brother, Max V. Kohler … my dear friend, Helen S. Reed of Asheville, NC … to my friend, Mrs. M. L. Done of Tryon, NC … to my faithful servant, Bettie Gaither … unto my dear sister, Frances Kohler.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixteenth day of March 1901.
Signed: Benjamin F. Kohler.
Witnessed by: Chas. M. Steele
Thomas M. Steele
Sworn and subscribed before me, this 23rd day of May 1901, Marcus Erwin, CSC.

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