Killian, William W.

ALOB, Vol. XI #4, p. 90-33:
“p. 210.  14 April 1860..  I, William W. Killian, reflecting on the shortness of life and certainty of death and being somewhat disordered in body but sound in mind..  I will & desire and bequeath to my beloved wife Emily that portion of my land allowed by law and the residue to go to the benefit of my four childrens viz:  Daniel A. Killian, Julia Killian, Charles McKay Killian and Catharine Josapine Killian and the part allotted my wife is to be hers during her natural life or widowhood..  I will & desire my household & kitchen furniture remain with the family during her natural life or widowhood & then to be divided among my children..  I desire that all my stock & income of the farm and mill go the payment of my debts and what money that is owed to me and so much of my stock & crop to be sold for that purpose.
I appoint my friend Charles Moore executor.
Wit:  Joseph Killian and Solomon Wolf both juret..
Signed Wm. W. Killian..
Proved in open Court by the oath of Solomon Wolf in the July term 1860.  Signed J.T. Weaver, clk…”

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