Jones, William

ALOB, Vol. IX #3, p. 88-27:
“p. 106.  1 March 1845..  I, William Jones do make this my last will & testament.  I will to my beloved wife Ann my whole plantation with all the appertainances to assist her in raising & support of her self and my children that is with her.  I also give to my wife Ann my present crop of grain of every kind & all my household & kitchen furniture of every kind & my sorrell roan horse, six cows & calves & all my stock of hogs, sheep & the bacon I have & the farming tools.  Also one negro girl named Amy & the balance of my negroes to be sold with the rest of the horses, cattle & my wagon, with the harness except two pair for my wife & the Cole tract of land joining my home tract of land to be sold to the highest bidder.  When my perishable property is sold but allowing my son Elias Jones to it the present year without paying rent.  All the property given to my wife for her use during her natural life, but should she marry at any time I will that the land & other property to be sold & the money equally divided amongst my chn. viz:  Clanindell, Joshua, Nancy, Elias, Harriett, Charity, Sophrony, William & Nelly.  I also will unto my son Joshua R. Jones all that tract of land that he now lives on also 30 acres at the North end of the tract of land of John Haskens now lives on, beginning on James Melton corner then run with the Reves line & with the tract he now lives on to make thirty acres.  To be taken as $250 as his share of my estate. 
I appoint my beloved son Joshua R. Jones as my executor. 
Wit:  John Harken & Thomas Jones both Juratt. 
Signed William Jones.. 
The forgoing[sic] was proved in open court by the oath of John Harken & Thomas Jones as witnesses & admitted to be recorded.  N. Harrison, Clk.”

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