Jones, Thomas

from ALOB, Vol. VII, #1, p. 86-6:
“p. 13.  October Session 1832..  18 July 1825..  I, Thomas Jones, being in a sound state of body and no way disorderd[sic] in mind.  I will unto my well beloved wife Ann all that part of my plantation lying on the South side of Homony[sic] Creek during her life time or widowhood and my negro woman named Patty, one sorrel horse named Ball, one young colt, 6 cows & calves, one third of my hogs, all the household & kitchen furniture & tools..
I will unto my four sons, William, Russell, James and Thomas all my land I bought of William Moore, viz, all that lying on the North side of Homony Creek, also part from the South side (line described) land on the South to belong to William & Russell remaining part to James & Thomas Jones.
I will unto my dtr. Rachel a negro girl named Nancy.
I will unto my dtr. Patsy one negro boy Harry.
I will unto my dtr. Jincy one negro girl Linda & $125.
I will unto my dtr. Nany one negro boy Lingo & $125.
I will unto my dtr. Anna one negro boy Anthony & $125.
I will unto my dtr. Polly one negro boy Sam & $125.
I will unto my dtr. Nelly one negro boy Nathan & $125.
I will unto my son James my last spring colt & one fifty dollars(sic)
I will unto my son Thomas One hundred & fifty dollars (the fifty marked out and twenty five written above)..
I will that all the land not mentioned be sold and the money with all outstanding debts to be collected, after paying the above mentioned sums, the balance divided among all my chn. that is, Rachel, William, Patsey, Russell, Jincy, James, Nancy, Thomas, Anna, Polly and Nelly..
I will that my negro Patt and her increase be sold at the death of my wife or widowhood and the money divided equally between my four sons.
I will that my girl children have their maintenance off of my plantation on the South side of the creek till they marry or become the age of 18.
I will that the property my wife has and the four negroes at her death be sold and the money be divided among my dtrs.
I desire & appoint my trusty friend Brother William Jones and William Israel to be executors.
Wit:  Chas. Moore, Wm. Jones..
Signed, Thomas X Jones.
Was proved on oath of Charles Moore and recorded..”

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