Jones, Ebed

ALOB, Vol. X #2, p. 89-18:
“p. 133.  20 Oct. 1848.  I, Ebed Jones, being in a low state of health but of sound & perfect mind & memory.  I give to my beloved wife Ann Jones the tract of land whereon we now live & the mill also the land below for her use during her natural life or widowhood and then to be divided among my children.  As to the rest of my personal property the house & all the household and kitchen furniture, seven head of cattle, all the sheep, all the hogs & this property to be at her disposal and all the bedding & all the furniture she brought with her to be at her disposal.  I also give all my tools, plows, hoes, axes for her use during her natural life or widowhood, then to be sold or divided amongst my children equally only twenty dollars to Jenny Ducket to let her know I not forgot her, and bed to Peggy Dotson and the rest to be divided equally.  To my wife one mare & colt in place of the horse that was her property and all the corn, wheat & rye..
I appoint my beloved son Isaac Jones as executor.
Wit:  John H. Robeson, jurett, Alexander Robeson, jurett..
Signed Ebed Jones..
Proved by the oath of John H., & Alexander Robeson in open court this Jan. term 1849 & admitted to record..  Isaac Jones the executor named in the will refused to qualify and the court appointed
Wilie Jones as admr. with the will annexed & a letter of testamentary granted..  Alex. Henry, clk…”

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