Jenkins, Josiah

ALOB, Vol. VIII #9, p. 87-130:
“p. 86.  20 Aug. 1842..  I, Josiah Jenkins, being in a low state of health but in sound mind and memory.  First I desire a sufficiency of perrishable[sic] property such as my wife Marthy can best spare to be sold to pay my just debts.  I will unto my beloved wife Marthy all my land, building and farms during her life time or until my three sons come of full age, that is Thomas Erwin, Joshua and Russell, when they possess the land, my wife Marthy shall her maintainance[sic] from the land during her life, then the perrishable property shall be equally divided among children then living.. 
I appoint my trusty friend Joshua Whitaker executor..  Wit; Jas. Brevard & Joseph Lanning.. 
Signed Josiah X Jenkins.. 
Oct. term 1842 the foregoing will was proven on oath James Brevard in open court & admitted of record.  N. Harrison, Clk.”

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