Jarrett, Fanny

ALOB, Vol. XI #5, p. 90-44:
“p. 218.  28 Dec. 1860..  I, Fanny Jarrett, being of sound & disposing mind & memory..  First I give & bequeath to my daughter Polly Alexander $250..  To my dtr. Nancy Stevens $250..  To my dtr. Manerva E. Davidson $250..  To my son Newton Foster $250..  $200 to my granddaughter Mary Ann Foster being part of which I intended for her mother Lucinda Roberts, for which I have seen proper to give her by the consent of her mother..  All the balance of my property, money and effects that are in my possession at my death, to be equally divided between my children..
I appoint Henry Stevens & W.F. Davidson as my executors..
Wit:  Jeremiah West..
Sgn. Fanny Jarrett..
Min. Book B. P. 501.”

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