Jarrett Bible Record

This old Bible is in possession of Mrs. Myrtle (Jarrett) McCandlish of
Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia.  Copied April 16, 1982 by Shirley (Brittain)
Cawyer of Stephenville, Texas.  The Bible was owned originally by Mrs. Martha
Way (Jarrett) Kelly.
The Indexed Bible.  Jno. A. Dickson Pub. Do., Chicago, Ill., 1907
Norman Jarrett was born 11 Nov. 1885.
Ivorie Mae Jarrett was born May 19, 1887.  (Living in 1982.)
Frank Jarrett was born 15 Sept. 1888.
Kittie Jarrett was born Jan. 5, 1890.
Myrtle Jarrett was born Sept. 4, 1904.
Octa Lovingood was born 23 July 1863.  (Mother)
David T. Jarrett was born April 14, 1854.  (Father)
Noah Jarrett was born May 28, 1791 in Buncombe Co., N.C. and died December 13th 1872 in North Carolina.Elizabeth Jarrett was born November 25, 1796 in Buncombe Co., NC, and died June 23, 1888 in North Carolina.

David Howell was born July 13, 1796 in Haywood Co., North Carolina, and died April 20, 1866 in Haywood Co., NC

Naomi (Edwards) Howell was born November 29, 1802 in Haywood Co., NC, and died March 4, 1850 in N.C.

Jesse Israel Jarrett was born April 9, 1820 in Buncombe Co., NC, and died November 21, 1904 in Ellijay, Georgia.

Charlette Howell Jarrett was born July 2, 1829 in Haywood Co., NC, and died November 4th, 1917 in Ellijay, Georgia.

Martha Jarrett Kelly was born Jan. 27, 1872 in Ellijay, Georgia.


William Kelly, born 1796 in Raborn, Georgia.
Winnie Langston Kelly was born 1798.
James Morrison was born in Rutherford Co., NC
Rachel Patton Morrison was born in Macon Co., NC.
Colonel Bartow Kelly and Martha Way Jarrett married at Ellijay, GA. Feb. 24, 1895.  Witnesses; Jesse I. Jarrett and Mrs. Charlotte T. Jarrett.

R.V. Kelly born 1835, Raborn, Ga.
Rachel Morrison Kelly, born 1837, Rutherford Co., NC

Lula Kelly was born Nov. 4, 1867, Pickens Co., Georgia.
Serena Kelly was born Oct. 18, 1869, Talking Rock, Pickins Co., Georgia.
William Alfred Kelly was born Mar. 25, 1874 at Talking Rock, Pickins Co., GA.
Fletcher Elmer Kelly was born Oct. 23, 1879, Pickins Co., Georgia.
Colonel Bartow Kelly was born Sept. 15, 1871, Talking Rock, Georgia.

William H. Jarrett was borb Apr. 10, 1852, Buncombe Co., NC died Jan. 7, 1884.
David T. Jarrett was born Apr. 16, 1854, Buncombe Co., NC died Apr. 3, 1933.
Naomi E. Jarrett born May 16, 1856, Buncombe Co., NC, died Nov. 14, 1933.
Cornelia P. Jarrett was born Mar. 30, 1858, Buncombe Co., N.C. died June 24, ____.
Francis L. Jarrett born Dec. 26, 1860, Buncombe Co., NC, died Mar. 28, 1894.
Jos. H. Jarrett born June 3, 1867, Buncombe Co., NC, died Feb. 5, 1924.
Martha Way Jarrett was born Jan. 27, 1872 at Ellijay, Georgia.
–A Lot of Bunkum March 1983, Vol. IV, #3, p. 83-27

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