Jackson Ramsey Cemetery


From 25-70 take #208 to Belva.Turn right on #1318, then right on #1334, Revere Road. Turn right on #1324 and just around the curve up on the hill to the right is the Catholic Church. The church drive is a sharp right hand turn. Park at the church and walk the short distance up the drive to theright of the church.
Chandler Branson  7/18/1900  12/5/1961 (Gertrude) 
Chandler Floyd Lawson 12/2/1931 ND
Chandler Gertrude N(orton) 12/17/1899 9/4/1939 (Branson) 
Chandler Ray K. (Jack)  2/1/1936 12/16/1958 
Lundy Amos  11/11/1895 3/16/1964 (Betty N.R.) 
Lundy Betty N.(Rice) 7/5/1896 7/13/1973  (Amos/Zee Rice)
Norton Dellie 10/3/1898 9/14/1993
Norton Joseph  6/17/1929 12/16/1958
Norton Robert, Jr  7/5/1902 9/17/1959
Norton Ross 1885 1963
Ramsey Elizabeth Stanton 1849 1927 (Jackson)
Ramsey Ervin 4/1/1888  9/9/1969
Ramsey Jackson ND ND 2nd NC M’td Inf 
Ramsey Mary Wallin 7/2/1879 5/29/1961 (Ruben)
Ramsey Olive Edward 2/5/1899 12/12/1981 WW I
Ramsey Richmond Pearson  4/15/1897 12/8/1947 WW I
Ramsey Ruben Nathan  2/18/1872 5/10/1934  (Mary W.)
Ramsey Verna  3/1/1909 1/28/1986
Ray John Harley 7/26/1910 7/1/1973 
Ray John Patterson 11/1884 3/1947  (Maude N.)
Ray Maude (Norton)  4/11/1890 11/26/1964  (John P.)
Wilson Verna Ramsey 3/19/1909 1/28/1986

There are 7 additional graves marked with stones with no names.
SPECIAL NOTES!! Everything enclosed in ( ) is NOT printed on the marker. This information has been provided by a family member to aid future generations with the identification of the individual. Survey completed: June, 1997:   James and Jeanette Plemmons, Jan Warren, Jan Plemmons 1028 St. Clair St.,. Jacksonville, Fl   32254

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