Ingram, Thomas

ALOB, Vol. X #2, p. 89-17:
 “p. 129.  4 March 1833.  I, Thomas Ingram, being of sound & perfect mind and memory.  First I will that all my just debts be paid.  I give to my half sister Lourane Adkinson $75.  I give to my “neffue” William Adkinson the sum of $5.  I give to my niece Cornelia Raynolds $5.  I give all the rest of my property & money to be equally divided amongst Isaac Garmons’ children.
I appoint Wm. H. Garmons as my executor.
Wit:  Wm. H. Garmon, John Plemmons & Levi X Miles, Juratt..  Signed Thomas Ingram..
Proved by the oath of Levi Miles in open court the Oct. term 1848 & William H. Garmon was qualified as executor.  Henry.”

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