Ingle, Elizabeth

ALOB, Vol. VIII #8, p. 87-123:
“p. 82.  31 Dec. 1841…  Elizabeth Ingle of Buncombe County being of sound & perfect mind & memory.  I give unto my beloved children Mary Ingle the sheep she now claim, one cow & calf, three head of geese, one bed & furniture, one walnut table, one chest, one large wheel, one check reel, one little wheel, one loom, my wearing clothes, 4-1/2 yrds. linen & the largest pot.  John Ingle to have one black mare, the youngest white heifer, one ewe with lamb, one sow, one bed and stead & tick, one sheet, one blanket, one quilt & two pillows.  Alfred Henderson Ingle to have one red heifer with calf, four sheep, one red calf & one colt, one clock, half of the out hogs except one to John, one bed & bed clothes & stead.  Albert Anderson Ingle to have one brown mare, one brown cow, and the oldest white heifer, four sheep, half of the out hogs, one bed & half the bed clothes, one bed stead.  The balance of the household furniture to Henderson & Anderson and the corn & oats and the roughness and the fat hogs for the family use. 
I hereby make & ordain my friend John B. Ponley as my executor. 
Wit; Andrew Plemmons & John H. Ingle..
 Signed, Elizabeth X Ingle.. 
Proved in open court on oath of Andrew Plemmons in Feb. Term 1842..”

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