Hughey, James

Rowan and Buncombe Counties, NC
Carolyn J. (Hughey) Lyda, Box 4, 6255 Dayton Pike, Hixson, TN 37343
James Hughey was born about 1777, probably in Rowan Co, NC. He later moved to Buncombe Co. with his wife Ellen _____? who was also born in 1777. According to the land settlement charts in the F.A. Sondley book History of Buncombe County, Vol. 2, James and his brother Joseph were large landowners in Asheville. The book also states that James was the second sheriff of Buncombe Co, elected in 1798. James Hughey and a Samuel Hughey are both listed in the 1790 Census (for Buncombe Co.).

The old gravestone in the Hughey Family Cemetery shows that James and Ellen are buried there, the stone being marked only “Hughey.” The cemetery is located just off Riceville Road in Asheville.

According to the old Brank Bible, in possession of Frank R. Brank of Weaverville, which confirms the name of James’ wife as Ellen but does not give a maiden name, their children were:

1. Samuel
2. Sallie
3. George
4. Annie
5. Julia
6. Joseph
7. Maria
8. Maria (again)
9. James Jr. Samuel Hughey was born 13 Jan 1802 in Rims (Reems) Creek, Weaverville, Buncombe Co, the son of James and Ellen (_____) Hughey. He was a farmer, blacksmith and shoemaker. Tradition has it that he also raised both sheep and cattle. Samuel married Margaret Young Brank, daughter of Robert Houston and Elizabeth (Rice) Brank, about 1825. Margaret was born 29 Jul 1807 in Reems Creek, per the old Brank Bible.

According to the Riceville Church Records, Samuel and Margaret were Presbyterians who helped to form the Riceville Church, formerly known as the College Hill Church and School. However, before the building was built, the church services were held in the Samuel Hughey home on Riceville Road.

Samuel died 19 Feb 1886 and Margaret died 20 Nov 1900, and both are buried in the Hughey Family Cemetery.
Their children, according to the church records, family tradition and census records:

1. Newton Hughey
2. Christopher Hughey
3. Julia Ann Hughey
4. Adeline Hughey
5. Clarrissa Ann Hughey
6. Laura Elizabeth Hughey
7. Harriett Rebecca Hughey
8. James Marion Hughey James Marion Hughey was born 18 Nov 1847 in Asheville, the son of Samuel and Margaret (Brank) Hughey. He was a farmer, and several Civil War books state that he served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. This is further confirmed by a photograph in an old Asheville newspaper showing the reunion of his cousin, North Carolina Governor Zebulon Baird Vance’s “Rough Riders.”
James M. Hughey married Laura Timothy Morgan of Sugarhill, NC, on 7 Sep 1870 according to the Hughey Family Bible.
James died 28 Feb 1937 according to the death certificate in the Buncombe Co. Courthouse in Asheville, and his wife Laura, died 13 Jul 1927 according to her death certificate. Both are buried in the Hughey Family Cemetery with a marked gravestone.
According to the recollections of Roy Duncan Hughey, the children of James Marion and Laura (Morgan) Hughey were: 1. Ida Blanche Hughey
2. Margaret Anna Hughey
3. Carrie Ellen Hughey
4. Segernia Gertrude Hughey
5. Arthur Lee Hughey
6. James Ernest Hughey
7. John Morgan Hughey
8. Walter Glen Hughey
9. Ivan Goodrich Hughey
10. William Kenneth Hughey
11. Raymond Hughey
12. Roy Duncan Hughey Roy Duncan Hughey was born in Asheville 31 Mar 1894 and was the son of James M. and Laura T. Hughey. He told me he was always a farmer, and a textile worker.
Roy married (1) Nellie Gertrude Allison on 8 Mar 1916, Azalea, NC, according to their marriage certificate. They moved to Towanda, Kansas, where they thought the opportunities would be better, but they returned to Asheville after being “wiped out” by the “dust bowl.” Roy and Nellie had four children, but were divorced in 1940. Children of Roy Duncan and Nellie G. (Allison) Hughey:1. James Donald Hughey
2. Hazel Irene Hughey
3. William Joyce Hughey
4. Margie Belle Hughey He married (2) Cynthia Ophelia Sloan, a widow of Burton Tuchker. They had nochildren. James Donald Hughey was born 28 Nov 1918, Towanda, Kansas. He served in the second World War during the 1940’s in the U.S. Army, receiving his honorable discharge in 1945. His employment during his life, included working at the Biltmore Dairies, and Sear, Roebuck and Company, living first in Marion, NC, and then in Hickory from 1950 on.
In 1947 he married Iris Virginia Ray in Weaverville, NC, on June 28. Their only child was Caroline Jeannette Hughey.

Carolyn Jeannette Hughey Lyda was born 27 Oct 1948 in Marion, but was raised in Hickory. On 25 May 1968 she married Robert Ashley Lyda in Weaverville.
They resided in Conover from 1968 to 1970. In 1970 they moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where their seven children were born:

1. Robert Alan Lyda
2. James Ernest Lyda
3. William Mark Lyda
4. Charles Ashely Lyda
5. Jeremy Paul Lyda
6. Susan Carol Lyda
7. Benjamin Thomas Lyda

–ALOB, Sept. 1985, Vol. VI, #8, p. 85-77

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