Holcombe, Obediah

ALOB, Vol. VIII #9, p. 87-131:
“p. 88.  12 Aug. 1841..  I, Obediah Holcombe, being afflicated[sic] and weak in body but of sound & perfect mind and memory.  I give unto the my beloved sons & daughters the heirs of my first wife as follows (to wit)  Henry Elizabeth Willie, Peggy, Dioclesion, Richard, Jane, Berry, Elisha, Cynthia, Elsberry and Joseph Holcombe the sum of one dollar each with the exception of Wilie I give him $5 it being about the amount he owes me besides they have here-to-fore received.  I give unto my grandson Henry Holcombe the horse he has received and now possesses.  I give unto Milla my present beloved wife the sum of $5.  I give unto my two dtrs. heirs of my last wife the sum of $1 each to be raised out of the estate.  I give unto my three sons (to wit) James R., John B., and Obediah Holcombe all the balance of my estate both real and personal to share and share alike.  I desire that my wife may continue to live on my land after my death during her widowhood if she chooses.  I also desire my executors to have full control and management of my property and my four eldest children by my present wife and they shall have support and tuition out of the estate.. 
I appoint Henry H. Holcombe and John Ramsey as executors.. 
Wit; H. Hunt and R.D. Wood.. 
Signed Obediah Holcombe.. 
Feb. term 1843, the foregoing will was proven in open court by oath of Henry Hunt and admitted of record..  N. Harrison, Clk..  by Thos. L. Gaston, DC.”

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