Hill, Wylie

BOOK C: Page 340
In the name of GOD, Amen. I,Wylie Hill of the County of Wilkes and the state of Georgia being in sound mind and perfect memory do make this my last will and testament in the manner and form following: .. as I shall state in this my last will and testament February 19, 1837 … my two youngest sons, Wylie P. Hill and Abraham T.W. Hill … my son, Burwell P. Hill and his wife Martha … to my son, Lodswick Hill … that my Buncombe County lands and stock … to be kept together for a retreat to any of the children … the children that are married Sarah C.W. Jordon, Martha P. DuBose, Tabatha M. Duncan, I constitute my wife Martha, executrix … in witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 18th day of February 1837. ….. Signed, Wylie Hill.
Signed in presence of T.L. Walden, Thomas O. Christian and Thomas B. F. Neal.
December 20, 1840 being of sound mind and memory, I make a deed of gift to my dear daughter Mary A. Duncan of Greenville District of South Carolina – signed, Wylie Hill.
Note: Entered into the record on the Record of Wills at Buncombe County, 21st day of January 1895. J.L. Cathey, CSC.

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