Green, Jeremiah

ALOB, Vol. VIII #10, p. 87-151:
“p. 98.  6 June 1844..  I, Jeremiah Green, residing on Pole Creek, being of sound mind and memory.  I will and desire that my executrix bury me [in] a plain decent stile on my plantation where my youngest child is buried.  Also my executrix pay all my lawfull debts that I may now owe or may owe at my
death.  I will unto my beloved wife Catharine all the land I now possess or may have at my death during her natural life, then to be equally divided between my youngest sons White H. Green and Jeremiah Green, Jr. the youngest or Jeremiah to have that part which will include my dwelling house.  I will and devise to my well beloved wife Catharine all my personal estate of any kind, manner or order during her natural life then to be distributed among my chn. and grandchn. 
I appoint my wife Catharine as executrix. 
Wit; William Penland Samuel R. Gudger, Juratt.. 
Sgn. Jeremiah Green.. 
Oct. term 1844..The foregoing will was proven by oath of Samuel Gudger in open court and admitted of record..  N. Harrison, Clk..  By M.M. Patton, D.C.”

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