Gillespie, Frances

ALOB, Vol. X #2, p. 89-17:
“p. 128.  12 April 1843.  I, Frances Gillespie, being in my right mind, I do give to my wife Jane Gillespie all my lands and stock of every kind, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep & all tools & harnes[sic] of every kind and all household & kitchen property with all debts due to me, books accounts & notes also my still & vessels the money on hand to her as long as she lives or remain single, then the property to be sold or divided so as to give each child an equal share.  I appoint my beloved wife Jane Gillespie & John Reynolds as my administrator of this will.
Wit:  Ann Robeson & David Ducket, Jurrett & John D. Gillespie, Jurrett..
Signed Frances Gillespie..
Proved by the oath of David Ducket & John D. Gillespie in open court in the Jan. term 1848 and admitted to be recorded..  Alex. Henry. clk…”

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