Gentry, John N.

ALOB, Vol. X #3, p. 89-26:
“p. 141.  2 March 1849.  I, John N. Gentry, as I am sorely afflicated[sic] in body, but of sound & disposing mind & memory.  I desire that my body be interred in the buring[sic] ground on the hill near the old Gentry graves where my father & mother was buried in a plain and decent manner.  First I desire that all my just debts be paid first and I desire that my beloved wife Sarah Gentry should keep & enjoy all my estate both real & personal during her natural life.  I desire that my son John H. Gentry to have all my land being 225 acres after the death of my wife.  I desire that my personal property to be equally divided between my son John and my daughters Lucy Buckner the wife of James Buckner and Elizabeth Buckner the wife of Absolum Buckner & to my son William Gentry one brown mare which he has in his possession.  I also desire that my children be kind & obliging to their mother during her life time and endeavor to be friendly towards each other & all other persons in this world & prepare to meet each in heaven which is my last & greatest desire..
I appoint my son John H. Gentry & sons-in-law James Buckner & Absolum Buckner as executors.
Wit:  R.V. Blackstock, Jurett & Joshua Roberts, Jurett..
Signed John N. Gentry..
Proved by the oath of R.V. Blackstock & Joshua Roberts in open court this July term 1850..  R.B. Vance, clk…”

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