Foster, Thomas

ALOB, Vol. VIII #6, p. 87-82:
“p. 60.  17 Oct. 1834..  I, Thomas Foster, being of sound mind and memory.  I give unto my beloved wife Mary Foster all the lands that I now own on the North Fork of Turkey Creek which I bought for 460 acres also the negroes, Meranda & Rilley, the household furniture such as chest, desk, clock, bed & all the articles belonging, kitchen furniture, farming utinsels[sic] or iron tools, also one still & vessels, one set of blacksmith tools, one wagon, all horses, cattle, sheep & all money, notes, bonds and debts by book accounts. My wife to pay each of my brothers and sisters which may be living at my decease and to the heirs of any deceased brothers & or sister one dollar to each family if called for within two years, also to Newton Foster grandson to my brother William Foster the sum of $5. 
I appoint my friend Alexander Robison & my wife as executor and executrix. 
Wit; James Gudger, Jurat &
William Robison.. 
Signed Thomas Foster.. 
Proved in open Court on oath of
James Gudger, Oct. Session 1839..”

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