Foster, Mary

ALOB, Vol. XI #7, p. 90-64:
“p. 229.  22 Jany. 1858..  I, Mary Foster, being of sound mind and memory, do make this as my last will & testament in manner and form.  First I desire that my executor shall provide for my body a deasent[sic] burial and all expenses paid.  I give to my beloved niece Mary F. Peoples two beds and all my bed clothing, three bed steads, one chest, one trunk, two tables, one cubboard[sic], one large & one small wheel, a lott[sic] of kitchen furniture & one cow and calf..  I give to Elenn J. Roberson and Mary J. Roberson infant children of John H. Roberson one bed each..  I give to my beloved sister Harriet M. Roberson wife of John H. Roberson all my wearing apparel, one large wash pot, one loom, reed and shaft..  I give to my beloved nephew John H. Roberson all my property not herein before mentioned, including dust cubboard[sic] and iron saw mill..
I appoint my nephew John H. Roberson as executor.  Wit:  J.N. Loncey and J.W. Harbin..
Signed Mary X Foster..
Probate June Term 1864.”

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