Foster, Edmund S.

ALOB, Vol. VIII #9, p. 87-130:
“p. 86.  24 Aug. 1842..  I, Edmund S. Foster, I give unto my son William Lafayette Foster now about five years old $800 of my estate in consequence of his peculiar situation.  I give unto my beloved wife Lucinda the tract whereon I now live and the adjoining land except the Frisby and Dover places during her natural life and at her death to my two children Mary Ann and William Lafayette Foster.  The balance of my property both real & personal to be equally divided amongst my wife and my children, to share and share alike.. 
I appoint James Gudger and my wife Lucinda executor and executrix..
Wit; John W. Foster, E_. Sams, Phillip Parham. 
Sgn. Edmound S. Foster…
Oct. term 1842 the foregoing will was proven in open court by oath of John W. foster..  N. Harrison, Clk.”

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