Fortune, John

ALOB, Vol. X #8, p. 89-75:
“p. 170.  21 Aug. 1855..  I, John Fortune, being of sound mind & memory do make this as my last will & testament.  I desire that my just debts & funeral charges be paid out of the first money that come into his hands.  I give & devise to my beloved brother Fletcher Fortune all my estate & effects of every discription be it land or tenements, good or effects, notes or money or any other property I may have at my decease after paying the above.
I appoint my friend & brother as executor.
Wit:  A. Burgin & Thomas C. Lambert..
Sgn. John Fortune..
Proved in open court by the oath of Albert Burgin in the Jan. term 1856.  See minutes of Jan. term 1856..  R.B. Vance, clk…”

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