Floyd, Belle Henry

BOOK D: Page 350
“Exhibit A”
I, Belle Henry Floyd of the City of Richmond in the State of Virginia do make this my last will and testament … to my mother, Mrs. W. A. Henry … to my sister, Nettie Henry Stanback … to my brother, Paul Chase Henry … to the “Retreat for the Sick” … to Mrs. J. M. Kriuly (?) Of Staunton, Virginia … to Miss Lucy Luck of Newport, Augusta County, Virginia … to Miss Eileen Guigon of Staunton, Virginia and sister of A. B. Guigon, Esq. Of Richmond, VA … my Uncle, General R. M. Henry now buried at Waynesville, North Carolina … William Commons? Now buried at Asheville, North Carolina … to my beloved husband, Thomas Roan Floyd.
In testimony whereof, I, Belle Henry Floyd have hereunto set my hand, seal this 3 day of June A.D. 1899.
Signed: Belle Henry Floyd,
… ordered to be filed and recorded in this court, this December 21, 1899.
Signed Marcus Erwin, CSC

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