Fee, Lizzie J.

BOOK D: Page 268
Will and Testament
I, Lizzie J. Fee being of sound mind and good memory, knowing the uncertainty of human life and having committed to Jesus Christ, my Savior … do wish to arrange the affairs of my earthly life and do hereby make publish and declare my last will and testament … appoint J. E. Rankin, Cashier, Battery Park Bank … in Riverside Cemetery … to Mrs. Charles E. Hilliard … to Charles Craig Hilliard son of Charles E. Hilliard and Mary Craig Hilliard … to his brother, Martin Hardin Hilliard … notes on Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Conley of Augusta, Bracken Co., KY … my home on Elizabeth Street, Augusta Bracken Co., KY … from my sister, Miss Annie Fee’s estate … to my cousin, Mrs. A. J. Currens, Covington, KY to F. J. Sellers and brother Alonzo of Brackin, KY … appoint Dr. M. H. Fletcher guardian in trust for Charles Craig Hilliard.
And now I sign and seal this my last will and testament with my own hand, Lizzie J. Fee, January 1899.
Witnessed by W. C. Carmichael and W. F. Snider and H. A. Willis.
Severally sworn before me this 20th day of April 1899, Marcus Erwin, CSC.

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