Fagg, William

ALOB, Vol. VIII #10, p. 87-151:
“p. 97.  10 May 1844..  I, William Fagg, being of strong mind though bodily afflicated.  I will that my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid I will to my son J.A. Fagg five dollars, my son J.C. Fagg five dollars, to my daughter Martha Jane the wife of J.F. Middleton five dollars.  The balance of my effects both real & personal to my wife Nancy for her own proper use and benefit during her natural life then may be disposed of by her as she may think proper by will or otherwise. 
(no executor named) 
Wit; John E. Patton, David Hunnworth & J.M. Rice.. 
Signed William Fagg.. 
Oct. term 1844..  The foregoing will proven by John E. Patton and J.M. Rice..  and admitted of record.  N. Harrison, Clk..  By M.M. Patton, D. Clk..”

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