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This post is a Proposal that:

William Bennett (abt 1730-1806)
was the father of
John Bennett (abt 1756-abt 1837)
and grandfather of
Hardeman Bennett (1775-1849)

Based on a study of existing records for Upper South Carolina and Western North Carolina
by Carolyn Bennett Mahaffey, Atlanta, Georgia, Posted February 2021

Bennett Family Report



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Kimsey Family Tree



Howard Waldrop has generously shared two files on the Waldrop family below:

Michael Waldrop, Sr (1708 VA – abt. 1770 SC)

Luke Waldrop, Sr (1710 VA – 1780 SC)

He also shared another link (below) to his family’s research page on the Waldrop family. This is a Rootsweb page and there are lots of ads so make sure your ad blocker is turned on! 

Please have a look to see if their information can help you:




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