Edmons, Elizabeth

ALOB, Vol. VIII #5, p. 87-72:
“p. 46.  26 Jan. 1837..  I, Elizabeth Edmons, being in my proper mind but low in health and weak in body.  After my just debts are paid, I will unto my dtr.  Susannah Barrett $7.80 which my son owes me.  I will unto my son William $1.  I will unto my dtr. Polly Arrowood $1.  I will unto my son George Edmons $1.  I will that one black cow & heifer that goes by the name of George Edmons to be given to my son George Edmons dtr. Mary Ann Elizabeth.  I will unto my son John Edmons $1.  I will unto my son Robert Edmons one black mare.  I will my blind mare to my dtrs. Anny & Caty Edmons to be shared between them.  The balance of my stock to be divided among my chn. Robert, Anny & Caty Edmons.  I will that my dtr. Anna Edmons have the loom & two bee hives that is where Robert & Anna now lives.  I will unto my dtr. Caty the household furniture that I have at the mill where I now live.  I will the tract of land to my three chn.  To wit.  Anna, Robert and Caty Edmons..  I appoint Robert Williamson, Esq. and William Chambers as excutors. 
Wit; John Chambers & Afa Meers.. 
Signed Elizabeth X Edmons.. 
Will proved in open court on oath of Witnesses, and executors sworn.  County Court Feb. Spring Session 1837…”

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