Earle, Lizzie

BOOK D: Page 247
The Will of Lizzie Earle, of the city of Asheville, County of Buncombe and State of North Carolina,declare this to be my last will and testament:- … to my son, William Earle, now a minor … appoint Mrs Mary M. Furman, wife of Robert Furman, Esq. Of Asheville, North Carolina.
In witness whereof, I, Lizzie Earle, to this my last will and testament subscribe my name and set my seal on this the 26th day of November 1898.
Signed: Lizzie Earle
Witnesses by: Joe Earle anbd Carrie D. Furman.
Severally sworn and subscribed before me this the 17th day of December. T. C. Starnes, CSC

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