Duckett Family Bible

This Bible is presently owned by James L. Duckett of Ledyard, Connecticutt.
Its family information has been copied by Mr. Duckett’s niece, Carolyn Aslund
of Weaverville, N.C.  The information below has been written just as it came from the pages, even though the spelling and grammar may not be correct. Most of the frontispiece [sic] of this Bible with the copyright date and publishing company  name, is missing.  However, there is a notation in the back pages that the Bible was purchased by R.W. and M.A. Duckett from Charles Charlton M.E. preacher in charge of the Asheville circuit, 1836.  This was the year that they married.
The Bible, although in pretty bad condition contained quite a lot of family information in the way of letters, newspaper clippings, and an old “Asheville Methodist” paper.  Considering the fact that it has survived two fires, we are lucky to have it. 
R.W. & M.A. Duckett was joind together in the holy estate of marimony the
first day of Desember 1836.W.Vaughn & Margaret Duckett were joined together in the holy estate of
matrimony on the 20th day of January 1853.

Jesse A. Duckett& Cornelia A. Curtis (?) was joind together in the holy
estate of matrimony the 6th day of December 1860.

John Baly and Harriet E. Duckett was joind together in the holy estate of
matrimony (no date).

W.C. Duckett & Miley Onbey was joind together in the holy estate of matrimony the 19ty day of November 1871.

N.C. Duckett & H.M. Lanning was joind together in the holy estate of matrimony the 1 day of July 1873.


R.W. Duckett was born febuary 1th 1817
M.A. Duckett was born march 23, 1822
M.E. Duckett was born July 22, 1838
J.A. Duckett was born Desember 22, 1839
H.E. Duckett was born January 29, 1842
T.B. Duckett was born august 14, 1844
J.L. Duckett was born February 4, 1847
N.C. Duckett was born January 12, 1849
W.C. Duckett was born June 6, 1851
C.M. Duckett was born June 1st, 1853
son born July 13, 1855, died 16th of same
S.J. Duckett was born november 30th 1856
M.J. Duckett was born January 1th 1859
H.B. Duckett was born Desember the 9 1860
Adalade V. Duckett was born august the 10th 1862
R.L. Duckett was born august 30, 1863
Robert E.L. Duckett was born december 10th 1865


M.E. & J.A. Duckett by the Rev. F.M. Faning in the year of our Lord 1844.
H.E. Duckett by the Rev. John Weever in the year of our Lord 1843.
T.B. Duckett by the Rev. D.R. McNaley in the year of our Lord 1847.
N.C. Duckett by the Rev. J.C. Bauldin in the year of our Lord 1857, allso
[sic] W.C. Duckett and C.M. Duckett and S.J. Duckett by the same.
M.J. Duckett by the rev. J. Birdin in the year of our Lord 1861.
R.L. Duckett by the Rev. A.W. Cummings in the year of our Lord 1863.
RE.L. Duckett by the Rev. J.C. Bawlwin in the year of our Lord 1867. 


R.W. Duckett died from afection of a cansor april 26th 1869 agede fifty two years two months and twenty six days.Mary A. Duckett died January 29th 1899 aged 76 years ten months and six days.

seventh son of R.W. & M.A. Duckett died July the 16, 1855 agede two days an two nights

Sarah Josephean burnd to death april the 7 1859 agede two years four months an eight days old

Manson Jones died July th 4th 1859 agede two weaks

J.A. Duckett died june 25th 1889

James L. Duckett died September 1864

N.C. Duckett died April the 1903

T.B. Duckett drowned May th 17th 1911

Margaret Vaughn died June the 11th 1917

H.E. Duckett died December the 25th 1924

W.C. Duckett died march the 19 1928, age 76 years 4 months 13 days

C.M. Duckett died May the 26th 1928 lack 4 day being 75 years old

H.B. Duckett died June 264 [sic] 67 – all died hart trouble


–A Lot of Bunkum May 1981, Vol. II, #5, p. 81-57

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