Dillingham, Rebecca

ALOB, Vol. X #2, p. 89-17:
“p. 127.  27 May 1844.  I, Rebecca Dillingham, being in a reasonable state of health & of sound & perfect mind & memory.  I desire that after my debts & funeral expenses are paid the balance of my estate I give to my two dtrs. Peggy Carson & Polly Barnard one negro woman my household & kitchen furniture, all money & debts due to me to be equally divided between them.
I appoint W.T. Willson as executor.
Wit:  J.A. Buckner, Jurratt & Ganes Roberts..
Signed Rebecca X Dillingham…
Proved by the oath of J.A. Buckner in open court in the Oct. Term 1847 & ordered to be recorded..  Alex. Henry, clk..”

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