Dillingham, Abasalem

ALOB, Vol. VIII #5, p. 87-74:
“p. 55.  28 May 1836..  I, Absalem Dillingham, being in a low state of health but of sound and perfect mind and memory.  After my just debts are paid, I give to my beloved wife Rebecca Dillingham the land where I now live, with all stock of horses, cattle hogs and sheep, farming tools, household and kitchen furniture with four slaves viz. Unity, Jessee, Dagmon and Isaac with all money on hand and debts due me for her to possess during her natural life.  Negro Unity and the household and kitchen furniture to belong to my wife forever and may despose[sic] of as she think proper.  But the land where I now live and 100 acres joining Peiree Roberts and 100 acres called the Snow Ball Tract, and the tract called the Hiram Place where Joseph Barnard now lives and 15 acres where Alfred Dillingham now lives, at her death to be equally divided between my two youngest sons John and Alfred Dillingham to be theirs forevers.  The three last named slaves to be equally divided between my four sons viz:  William, Thomas, John and Alfred.  What stock and farming tools left at her death to be sold and divided among my children.  I give unto my sons William & Thomas Dillingham my several tracts of land, one called the Rye Cove Lands to be divided as follows, beginning on a hickory and run a strait line through what is called the Red House to the outside line.  William to have the part he now lives on, and Thomas to have the tract he lives on.  I give to my dtr. Peggy Carson the tract of land she now lives on containing 150 acres, except the 15 acres that I gave to John and Alfred. I also give unto said dtr. Peggy one black girl named Hannah which girl and land I give unto her and her heirs forever.  I give unto my dtr. Polly Barnard one black girl named Phelee with her increase forever. 
I appoint my son John Dillingham executor. 
Wit; L. Palmer & John Guthrie, Jurat. 
Signed Absalom X Dillingham 
proved in the Feb. session 1838 on oath of John Guthrie..”

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