Dewees, Garrett

ALOB, Vol. VIII #6, p. 87-83:
“p. 63.  28 Nov. 1839..  I, Garrett Dewees, being in a low state of health but of sound & perfect mind & memory.  “As I have paid a large amount of money to my wife children on James Allen account over and above what I was to have paid and have given my own children something, I wish what I have paid my wife children on Allen account and what I have given my own to be calculated and deducted from my wife and my children share of my estate.” Then I wish an equal division made after deducting one half to my beloved wife Polley Dewees and I wish her to have possession of the place where I now live and the property real & personal that is on the place to be valued and deducted from my wife half of my estate, then I wish her to have full possession of said half & to despose[sic] as she pleases, the other half I wish equally divided among all my children.  I appoint my beloved stepson James Weaver executor and authorize him to call on Daniel Carter & L. Palmer to assist him in the examination of papers.  Wit; Solomon Carter & Polley X Palmer..  Signed Garet Dewees..  Codicil..  I will that James Allen be entirely released from the payments of my notes that I hold on him or any other amount that I have paid for. 
Wit; Solomon Carter & Polley X Palmer..
Signed Garet Dewees.. 
Proved in open ct. on oath of Solomon Carter, Feb.
Session 1840.”

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