Davis, William

ALOB, Vol. IX #3, p. 88-32:
“p. 120.  2 March 1846.  I, William Davis, being of sound & disposing mind & memory.  It is my will & desire that my beloved wife Elizabeth to have the use & controll[sic] of my entire farm where I now live, containing 100 acres during her natural life or widowhood in order for her to raise my four chn. & educate them as the proceeds from the farm will enable her.  Children are: Julia Catharine, James Mitchel, Margarett Susan & Martha Jane & in the event my wife should marry again or die before my son James Mitchel therein the entire right & title of the 100 acres of land to vest in my said son & free from all claims whatsoever.  I give to my wife all my stock that is horse, cattle, sheep & hogs for her use & if any be over the need of the family I desire she sell them & put the money to the education of my chn.  I desire that my executor call in all debts due me & to pay over what I may owe, they may sell my smith tools or the military equipment viz; coat, hat & sword or the saddle & clock.  It is my desire that my wife have the household & kitchen furniture during her natural life & then equally divided among my dtrs. 
I appoint John S. Weaver executor. 
Wit:  W.R. Baird, Juratt, Jacob Weaver, Juratt.. 
Signed Wm. Davis.. 
Proved in open Court by the oath of W.R. Baird & Jacob Weaver the April term 1846 & admitted to record.  Alex
Henry, Clk..”

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